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My name is Andreina Pereira Nunez, I'm an Industrial Designer who graduated from the University of Houston with a minor in Technology Entrepreneurship 
Art has always been present in my life, I went to art and dance schools when I was a child, and practice various visual art mediums such as drawing and painting. Apart from the visuals, I also practiced dancing, which became my second career. Since I was five years old, I had the opportunity to learn and practice different dance styles like ballet, jazz, hip-hop, contemporary, modern, and many more. However, the dance style that defined me from the beginning was Flamenco. For many years I learned And taught different techniques, and disciplines that made me grow as a person as well.
When it comes to my education, I have always been interested in constant learning, and even before I graduated high school, I was convinced I wanted to be a creative designer. At first, Graphic Design was my number one choice, but in Venezuela the education opportunities in design are limited. For this reason, I researched more about design fields and found out about Industrial Design. I have enjoyed every moment and learning process of this major. It is creative and fun, but at the same time, critical thinking and logic must be present. Industrial design is the creation of things, everyday objects, and experiences. I  am passionate about learning and discovering new ways to design. I enjoy designing any type of product and user-centered experience, implementing sustainable processes with a collaborative approach. 
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